Wednesday, June 11, 2014

Starring: Little Black Tank Dress

I have mentioned before how much I love being a fashion chameleon, but I think this post will explain further what I mean by that.  First, you need to have the right basics to build from in order to be a successful chameleon.  Today I am highlighting my most favorite:  The Little Black Tank Dress.  Many a youngin' would just wear this as is, without any layers, but that's a wee boring...and I don't quite have the body of a teenager anymore and need things to cover me up.  Oye I sound like my mother! 

Ok let's start with the dress...

What I like about this one is that it is fitted, affordable, and best of all a mini.

Now, let's just go for a skate around Venice Beach...

This hoodie is for a child, but I am very hopeful they make extra extra large children's sizes =)

Mom, please buy me these Vans.  I NEEEEED them!**

Now, let's say I'm feeling preppy and maybe meeting my boyfriend's parents for lunch today...

One of my favorite outfits is a cropped sweater over a long button down white shirt. Never will get sick of it.

Now, it's time for a night out with the girls.  
I'm feeing trendy and rock 'n roll per my usual late night style.

You may even want to tie up that blouse to define your waist a bit. you see why you need this simple black dress, yet?!? 
I hope so. I'm out of posts =)

** Needed so badly that I couldn't even wait until this post aired. Mom, don't buy them. =)

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