Friday, February 27, 2015

BOY, I need a vacay.

I have debated doing menswear on here because I am a purist when it comes to men's fashion.  If my imaginary boyfriend wore jeans and a white tee with converse every day, I wouldn't be mad about it. However, I do have lots of guys asking my opinion, so let's see how I do!

I love a good pair of chinos (and one of my best friends happens to design for Bonobos which makes not only great chinos, but amazing everything) with flip flops and classic wayfarers.  I threw in a playful shirt because, like me, my imaginary boyfriend has to have a little fun with his fashion every now and then.  Alright, now excuse me while Luke and I escape somewhere tropical....

shop the looks:

Don't forget the Pacifico! (you can literally buy it everywhere)

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