Tuesday, March 3, 2015

Work, Work out, Sleep, Repeat.

I am determined to be in the best shape of my life this year.  I think it comes from being 31 and single (wahh), but also wanting to know that I am the best I can be both physically and mentally.  I feel like I spend my weekdays working, then working out, sleeping, then repeating.  I don't generally like thinking about exercise, but I have made it more social and fun by constantly changing it up and inviting friends along.  I take Bar method, kickboxing, body sculpting, boot camps, dance classes, Yogaqua (stand up paddle board yoga), TRX suspension training, and play softball (not sure this one counts as exercise considering the beer consumption, hehe).  Since this is all I have been doing, laundry is double, and I obviously want more work out clothes.  Duh.

Bar Method:

SUP Yoga:



Hip Hop:

This is one time that I'll forget the wine on purpose.  Can't wait for those Teeki pants to arrive next week, and I think I need that Sigg water bottle and Aurorae mat stat!

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