Friday, March 25, 2011

The Hippie in Me...

I have always had a sweet spot for you all probably know this. In college when we had "Hippie" themed parties, everyone would be calling me to borrow clothes.  I was really flattered until I realized that it was for a costume party, then I was a little emabarassed haha.  It's funny because I don't ever think I dress one way or the other, but I apparently have a style....maybe a weird one (thanks Kat and Tam!)...but I often hear "only you would wear this". Um. Gee. Thanks?  Well, I have a feeling that these curtains belong right at home in the "only Kelly would want dip dyed curtains".....and I am OK with that!  Oh yeah, and I bought a tie-dyed dress from Akiko last night (for only $30!!! beat that) know you secretly like tie-dye too....

Dress: Akiko @

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