Friday, April 8, 2011

Bring on the Music Fests

So I was prematurely proud of my outfit yesterday morning - the perfect holey loose knit chunky sweater, skinny black jeans, and All Saints lace up boots.....perfect for a sunny 65 degree day, right?! What my iphone didn't tell me is that later in the day would arrive huge gusts of chilly wind to blow right through the holey sweater!  I mean where is the beach weather, and how can I rush forward to my trip to Palm Springs?!

This got me day dreaming of my up coming Stagecoach adventure and what I would want to wear.  Of course I start my online browsing, and lo and behold, COACHELLA outfits everywhere!   Well, I will be wearing cowboy boots and get completely countrified, so I have adapted my outfit to fit either festival.  One of my FAVORITE color combos this year is rust and mint love love it.  And don't mind that this girl is a combo of a tan beach babe and a unhappy pale's my poor photoshop skills =)



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