Friday, December 30, 2011

If 2012 was it...

I have always been super fascinated with the abrupt ending to the Mayan calendar.  I can even remember the exact moment when I learned about it in my 7th grade Texas history class.  I sat there thinking "I will just have turned 29.  Surely I will have experienced some great life moments by then, and dying will be ok."  All of my friends had clearly come up with the same conclusion, and we basically talked about it the entire day.  Yeah I apparently thought 29 was old - but it is NOT old....just to be crystal. 

So now that I am 1 year away from this supposed apocalypse, time to reflect and plan.  Today I would say that I have no regrets, and life has been an interesting journey of what was supposed to be. I've loved, I've lost, and I have definitely lived it up.  But what did I miss and how will I fulfill it by next year?  I have put together my new years resolutions (and dream purchases) as if this were to be my last year ever:

1) Truly fall in love. Yes I am such a cliche girl when I say this, but I have always wondered if I have really ever been in love.  I like to think so, but it didn't work maybe there is more out there.
2) Actually play the guitar.  I started lessons last year, but still can't play a whole song! Kills me.
3) Travel EVERYWHERE.  Ok that would take all year, but I will settle for Asia.  Crossing my fingers that this number gets crossed off before April.....ERIN ;)
4) Boost the self esteem.  I have no idea why over the years I have become more insecure and always doubt myself, but I'd really like to kick that to the curb this year.
5) Up the "after-school" activities - Going back to acting class and dance class.  And considering some cooking classes to throw in the mix.
6) And if the world really is ending...spend all my savings on these things:

Restoration Hardware Chandelier

Stock up on clothes from these amazing designers: 
Reem Acra Spr 11                                   Zac Posen Fall 11

Balmain Resort 12                                     Alexander McQueen Spr 11


photos from

This ring:
Tiffany Ring with Important Diamond (yes it is really is called that) (and no I don't have 2 mil chillin' in savings)

With the rest (of my imaginary billions) I would send food all over the world to feed the hungry, tents to shelter the homeless, and clothes to protect those in need.

I'm a dreamer, so this list could go on for infinity.....  What are your new years resolutions and dream purchases?

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