Friday, May 31, 2013

If I lived here..

If I lived here, I'd be a designer of home goods and accessories in Venice beach Cali.  A more vintage style of Kelly Wearstler perhaps! My boyfriend would be the carpenter who I met while working on some of my custom designs for a celebrity and now works all of my projects with me.  He'd be scruffy and manly, but still a little nerdy with a fun sense of style.  When we aren't working, we are trying out all the fun and new restaurants, bike riding on the beach, lounging at coffee houses, dancing at world wide music festivals, sipping beer at micro breweries, and playing with our 2 dogs at the park.  I'd spend a lot of time traveling to France and Italy scavenging for unique finds and inspirations, thus becoming fluent in French naturally.  My style would be playful and feminine with a little edge.  I'd stock color and prints galore to make up for my neutral home.  
This would be such an energetic life full of fun and hard work. I'll take it!    

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