Friday, May 16, 2014

If I lived here..

If I live here, eclectic would be my word.  I'd wear all kinds of hats, literally and figuratively.  I'd be an artist, traveler, dancer, writer, musician, and teacher. A jack of all trades and inspired by everything, my life would be full of dreams and ambition.  My art of choice is mixed media, and I'd have a fabulous studio out in the back yard.  The items I pick up from globe trotting are used frequently in my projects, and my travels and crafts are what inspire my monthly online magazine that I publish.  At night I am in a band as well as a modern dance company, and I occassionally teach classes on painting and ballet.  Always looking for the next project and adventure, I am dragging around my writer boyfriend all across the world.  Thankfully he writes short stories and can work anywhere, so we travel at the drop of one of my many sun hats.  We especially frequent South America where he is from and where I draw a lot of my inspiration.  Always ready for life to take us far away, we've got our vintage LV bags packed to the brim and our minds open to wherever life might lead us next. Bring it on.

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