Thursday, August 21, 2014

Bold is the new Black

It has been such a beautiful, sunny summer here in southern Cali, and I have been very anti Black the whole time (unless I'm feeling a little chub, then you can guarantee I've got on black).  With this nice weather and your glowing tan, bright colored dresses are begging to be worn.

I wore this Kelly green dress to work the other day, and so many people commented on it (mostly good ;) ).  Had it been in basic black, I am willing to bet no one would have said anything except for noting that I was wearing a dress to a job that is totally ok with flip flops.  Lest I forget, this dress cost me under $40! It was on sale at Zara and just needed to be freed of a gaudy gold chain.  Such a steal!

on me: Zara dress, Rayban sunglasses, Dannijo Ring, Dry Cucumber Soda, and a veggie burrito.

I wanted to find y'all another Kelly green dress, but alas my patience ran a bit short, and I gave up.  However, I have found these super rad dresses below!  I love turning a supposed night time dress into a day time one.  Who says you have to save your good stuff for a special event?  Wear it whenever you want!

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