Wednesday, November 30, 2011

If I lived here...

If I lived here, in this restored east coast mansion, I'd live a chic and busy life.  My husband and I would run a law firm together.  We would have met during an intense mediation on opposing sides, but our chemistry couldn't be denied (can you tell that I just read a chick book...yes, yes, I did...and it was goood).  Any who - we wouldn't have any kids because our evenings would be full of our dance lessons, cooking classes, and romantic nights out.  Not to mention late nights in the office...but it helps to have the one you love there beside you.  (but seriously can't stop the chick novel thoughts).

We would love to restore and flip old houses - making trash to treasure for others to love.  Our vacations would be spent sailing around the world and stopping to golf and drink martinis with country club folk.  I'd speak a total of 3 languages, he only 2...naturally ;).  My style would be sophisticated, feminine, and super elegant.  My husband would be a combo of prep and country...'cause of course he has to have a little cowboy in him!

I really could go on and on...and watching Love Actually at the moment is both distracting and fueling the fantasy here! Must go enjoy my Ehlers Merlot and the best movie ever! Adios!

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