Monday, April 9, 2012

If I lived here...

I started this "If I lived here.." more so "If I wore this, where would I live?"  I fell in love with a lot of the rich, romantic gowns from the recent runway shows.  They all are made in luxurious fabrics and ooze drama.  So, naturally I would need a romantic and dramatic home to boot...

If I lived here, naturally I'd have some psychic abilities because you can't dress and live like this without them, however my income would come from being a costumer for French theater and cinema.  After winning a Moliere award for best costume design, I would dive into costume designing for French period piece films.   My husband and I would have met working on a musical project together, he being the original composer of the movie's score.  We wouldn't actually meet each other until at the premier by accidentally sitting beside each other in the theater.  I, wearing the fiery Matthew Williamson number below and he in a custom Tom Ford suit and dark rimmed specs would fall in love instantly.  Cetait le coup de foudre! I mean this is French cinema - would you expect anything less?!

I'm reading the Lucky One right now...I blame Nicholas Sparks for this sappiness ;)

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