Wednesday, January 7, 2015

Work it. Work it Good

"Remember that super fun time at the gym?!" said no one ever.  Working out is hard, time consuming, yet really really important for my sanity and confidence.  This causes an ultimate battle in my brain, but throwing on my old Nikes and walking to the gym has finally become an easy routine.  Now that exercising is a bit more of a given for my daily life, I am determined to make it more fun.  If I could feel fashionable and cute while sweating bullets, maybe I won't mind staring at myself while I wobble through jumping lunges so much.  Plus, complimenting my fellow aerobics goers on their gear has made me some fun gym buddies.

Need I mention all of our new years resolutions?!

So let's get cute....and fit while we are at it ;)

Don't forget your socks!

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