Friday, October 21, 2011

If I had this closet...

If this were my closet, I would fill it with all of Spring's sparkly and shiny wonders!  This would be the attic of my 3 story, 6 bedroom, 4 bathroom, game room, craft room, movie room, and 3 car garage magnificent home in Malibu.  I would live with 2 of my best girl friends and would begrudgingly lend them my fabulous clothes, but willingly style them to the nines.  We would waste hours playing photoshoot, like I don't do that already, but our productivity would come from our successful company that we all run together.

Our company would be a consulting firm that goes to businesses and homes directing folks on appropriate attire and organizing the closet of their dreams.  Mostly, businesses would hire us to guide and enhance their employees on acceptable work attire and appropriate fit.  Seasonally we would hold fashion shows/banquets for all of our business clients showing them the latest styles in business-wear, and of course all the while have a percentage stake in each of the labels showing.  It would be such a tough life of fighting off all those business men, but I promise not to complain ;)

My gals and I would come home from our long days, pop in the latest un-realeased movie in our movie room, order the best chinese take out in town, and lounge around talking about the day's success.  Late nights of gossip, weekends of house parties in our sprawling backyard, and vacations in exotic places (on the client's tab obvi) would be what life is all about!

Now I need to go sip my martini...I mean beer.

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