Thursday, October 6, 2011

If I HAVE to live here...

I will start by professing my love for the Pioneer Woman.  I read her book before reading her blog, and she is just plain awesome.  That being said, I like to think I could be totally like her...find my hunky cowboy, settle down in the middle of nowhere, become an amazing cook and photographer...but what about fashion?? This looming question has lead me here...

If I HAVE to live here, I will most likely own the only boutique in town while simultaneously being the local interior decorator, stylist, and event planner.  With a population of less than 1,000 someone's gotta do it all!  I will have an online vintage store with all the great finds from the small surrounding cities.  My wardrobe will be built around the life that envelops me, finding inspiration from my daily activities of gardening, horseback riding, and cooking.  I will NOT sacrifice on style and make many trips to NYC and Paris to escape to the city for shopping and indulgence.  My husband will come from an oil family, but supplement his inheritance with money made from training horses, raising and selling cattle, photography, and sculptures. 

Our day would start at sunrise with a relaxing jaunt to the lake for fly fishing or canoeing followed by feeding and tending to all of the animals.  After, I'd have to run to the boutique, but MY Marlboro man would start working with his horses.  On returning home from tending the store, mailing vintage pieces, taking family portraits, and organizing for upcoming events, I'd find my handsome hubby hard at work in his studio on the next great metal sculpture.  We'd cook a killer dinner and discuss our upcoming event that we are planning and photographing.  The day would end watching the sunset from our wrap around porch while sipping spiked cider and snacking on homemade ice cream. 

It's really amazing how much you can find to do in a small town!

Did you notice that this is a glorified chicken coop? Imagine the rest of the house!   

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