Wednesday, October 26, 2011

If I lived here...

If I lived here, I'd be as eclectic in my wardrobe as I am in my decorating.  Fearing no print, and welcoming all colors, my clothes would be fun and playful....and lots and lots of girlie dresses. Oh yeah, and in this life, I'd be 5'8, skinny, with long naturally blonde hair.  Kind of like a Disney princess if you will....since I am dreaming here =)

For a living I would be a pediatric surgeon at the local hospital in St Helena, CA.  My husband and I would own and live on an organic vineyard just a few miles out of town.  We'd have a handful of small villas that we would rent out for wine tasters, and our property would constantly host weddings and grand celebrations.  My spare time would be spent sitting on our big porch, staring out at the rolling hills, drinking fresh mint tea made from our garden, and indulging in the latest best seller.  Our one child, a boy, would spend his weekends playing baseball and rehearsing theater (so sorry to my future husband for this, but yes it will happen).  Simple, Sweet, and Successful!

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