Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Button me up

Get ready for more preppy! Fashion is getting more collared and tailored in the next year...we even are considering selling wovens. gasp!!  That means I have a lot more to learn.  Let's cross that bridge when we get there, and instead of panicking about my almost C I made in fabric class (haha yes, the worst grade I got in fashion school and now I sell fabric for a living...go figure), let's rejoice at the shift in fashion.

I have always been a big fan of collared shirts - jcrew ones in particular - but my new favorite thing to do is button-it-UP and add a big flashy chunky necklace.  It's clean and flashy at the same time. Let's take notes from some leaders.... let's make our own!

She didn't button it up....she doesn't know yet =). I would tuck this into high-waisted flare jeans w/a skinny belt and big wedges.

I would wear this one with my new tweed/lurex blazer from Zara and my AG jeggings and rad oxfords.

I would tie this one up over a printed mini dress...preferably something tribal print..and big chunky heels!

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