Friday, June 10, 2011

Zara Wishing

Ever since I started this healthy diet that I am currently on, I have seriously been avoiding and craving some of the worst things.  On top of missing buffalo wings and french fries, I am still trying not to shop!  Well, in lieu of the diet, I am putting a lift on the shopping ban and going to the mall.  I can hardly contain my excitement and have already enlisted a shopping buddy.  This could be a lot like coming off of a diet when you just binge eat, or in my case binge shop, so I am trying to prepare myself accordingly.  I know I am hitting Zara because their stuff is extremely versatile, mostly affordable, and on trend.   Here are my pre-shopping hopefuls, and we shall see when the weekend is over if anything worked!  Wish me luck...or maybe not...'cause I prolly shouldn't be spendin' the dough, ya know.

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