Wednesday, June 8, 2011


I keep seeing this awesome top in editorials, but I have no idea who makes it.   I also can safely assume the price is outta this world.  Wanna see some cheaper alternatives?! Say yes cuz you have no choice ;)

Though I will admit that nothing is ever as good as the original and I really like how chunky and raw looking the yarn is, but here are my attempts to get the look for less.

Willow & Clay (One of my customers!!) $78
 Ok this one isn't really that similar, but I like it. It would be for the more modest folk. =)
And probably the closest I have found so far......
ASOS $51.72

And in case I have confused you, this is not a shirt.  It is a skirt!! But it is really cute and I want you to buy it.
Rag & Bone NOT CHEAP

*****ADDED 6/13*****
This is such a great knock-off that I had to add it!
ASOS $68.96

*****ADDED 6/21*****
LF totally got the memo!

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