Thursday, June 16, 2011

Wee Wish List

This looks like a fantastic denim shirt from Madewell, but I already got one from Lucky that is pretty darn cool, so someone else get this one! =) .  I broke my cow/longhorn-ish necklace last week....tear...and found this bolero pin on Etsy! Don't you think I need it?! Maybe I could get a ring made out of it! OOO I want it. That watch, ya'll, is a SLAP watch.  Remember those?! I would probably annoy people all day slappin' that thing on and off.   I love all things fringe and all things iPad, so that case is just dandy for me.  And I am sure you are getting sick of my posting a bootie like this one, but I am in the market for a pair, and these are quite wonderful looking!  Then I am curious about these, but Urban won't let me copy the image so pooo on that.  And the front and back images are like waaay better than the side image, so therefore just "curious"about them at this moment.  What do ya think??

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