Tuesday, June 14, 2011

Can you wear white to weddings?

I found this incredible Karen Millen dress this weekend and had to let it go.  Where can I wear this?  I am no longer in a sorority, so that eliminates fancy brunches and Parent's weekend festivities.  I also wear jeans and flats to work pretty much every day.  I throw on a skirt, and everyone starts hollerin' "Sexaaay" at me. True statement.  And now that I am in my late twenties (sigh), the only dressy events that I seem to have are weddings. 

Is this too white to wear to a wedding?  

I feel like every wedding is so different these days that you might be able to get away with a lot of once-taboo styles, but I think this one is pretty debate-able.  Like, maybe I could get away with this at say a beachy Mexican wedding?  Not that I have one, but crashing one just so I can wear this dress sounds thrilling! I am only half kidding.

Dress available here:  Karen Millen


  1. Kelly I need need this dress! Like bad. This is your sister FYI

  2. Buy it so I can borrow it! - Kel