Friday, August 12, 2011

If I lived here...

If I lived here (these are 2 rooms I decided could totally be in the same house), I'd be the wealthiest bohemian, nomad, socialite, musician ever.  I'd rock on the acoustic guitar and harmonica with a rad ability to DJ.  Flying all over the world would be a weekly and sometimes biweekly thing.  It's tough being called every where to play music and DJ parties, but someone's gotta do it ;).

My drink of choice would be tequila sunrise, and my friends would come over all the time for cards,  karaoke, and jam sessions.  You can't see it, but there is a loungy pool in the back yard and a massive trampoline, of course.  Day times would consist of laying on giant floats (with cup holders) in the pool, but we would all end up laying on the trampoline talking about life by the end of every night.

My style would be boho glamour girlie.  Lots of accessories and lots of long dresses and maxi skirts.  Because I travel so much, my wardrobe would be mostly black and white - but I would never sacrifice on quality.  Always wearing hats and heels, I'd be ready for anything anytime.  Only things I'd need in my little McQueen clutch is my Amex, passport, and Excessive Chanel lipstick.  Spontaneous, fun, and fabulous would describe this wonderful life!

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