Thursday, September 29, 2011

Life in snaps

If you have had a glimpse at my phone, you will see that I have over 1500 pics - yes yes this is true.  Here are some of my recent snaps. 
- Love that Starbucks thought my name was Kathy - that's my mom's name!
- Krys and I at dinner in Napa - pic stolen from Jenny!
- My hand painted shoes from Robyn Daniels
- Rusty refusing to get out of bed, so I made it with him in it
- Did you know that Ed Begley Jr. makes an all-purpose cleaner? Yeah. Me neither
- My first attempt at pink before I went a little bolder...
- Pinot Noir Blanc - pretty good! Now is it supposed to be room temp or cold...
- Mochilato - mochi meets gelato meets gloriousness

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