Wednesday, September 14, 2011

When I live here...

I think I stole this pic from someone else's blog or Pinterest, but what matters is that it is quite possibly one of the best bedrooms I have seen.  It is the perfect mix - little vintage, part glamour, quite neutral, wonderfully classic, yet very fun.  It is my new inspiration for updating my room/apt!

That being said - I've decided to plan make up where I want to be/what I want to have accomplished by the time the delectable designs from NYFW Spring 2012 are out in the market:

By next spring I will have been on my exciting Asian excursion and learned so much more about the world.  My photo skillz will be even greater after getting to take pictures of Thailand beaches and Indian markets.  Many of my travel pics will be blown up and framed around the house.  I will be able to play more than one song (current status) on my guitar, and after convincing Curt (or Robyn depending which city I am residing in) to move near me, our awesome band will begin!  I'll have to up my shopping because all the training for the half marathon is going to make me miraculously lose those last pounds I've been dreaming of shedding for the past couple of years.  It will be totally ok though because my many fashion and photog side jobs will help supply that spendin' dough.  By then I wish for more than 10 followers (cough cough hint hint) maybe I can get some advertising up in here.  I'll either be in a house in Venice beach, CA or a loft apartment in Brooklyn, NY, but still baking (even better) cake bites for all my friends.  Actually cake bites will prob be out of style by then...I'll go with gourmet grilled cheeses! Hmmm....I'm hungry now. darn it.

It's funny because I can't really predict beyond this month...but it is a little exciting dreaming!

    Photos edited from - NYFW Spring 2012

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