Friday, September 30, 2011

If I lived here...

If I lived here, I would be realllllllly organized (if you know me, this is a little difficult).  I'd prefer books and magazines over lap tops and ipads.  Shoes would be more important than all other accessories, if they aren't already, and ball gowns would be abundant.  I'd be a professional dancer specializing in salsa and various other ballroom dances.  I'd travel the world doing competitions, but spend my average days teaching couples for weddings and sport.  My skills would be used often for films, constantly being cast in time period movies and coaching actors on etiquette and technique.   My husband would be my dance partner for our competitions, but spend his days as an architectural designer.  His specialty would be in hotel interiors, but he would spend a lot of time designing our homes in London, New York, and Texas (duh).  We wouldn't have time for our own kids just yet, but we would spend many hours teaching kids in local schools how to dance.  But honestly, most of our time would be spent in our cozy home drinking cappuccinos and watching old movies.   As it should be.

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