Thursday, September 22, 2011

If I lived here...

If I lived here, this would be my private lounge leading to my room sized closet and fabulous spa bathroom.   I'd spend many hours relaxing in the chaise reading the new books by Stephenie Meyer and J.K. Rowling as all Twilight and Harry Potter obsessed fans would do.  Rusty would get kicked out all the time for dirtying up the lounge, but he'd be happy running outdoors with his two other rescue sisters.  This would primarily be my retreat for studying all of my film scripts because I would be a successful actress.  My break out role would probably be a rom-com, but I would rise to success with the help of my fashion sense and indie films.  Shine, glam, sparkle, and color would describe my glorious wardrobe.  My shoes would be sky high, yet magically comfortable, and I'd live in straight-from-the runway looks.  Standing out in a crowd would not be frightening, but instead exciting.  There would be too many boyfriends to note, and I would still have a good amount of years before the right one came along.  So, girls' night would be weekly with professionals coming over to do manis, pedis, and martinis while we watch the newest yet to be released movies in my movie room.  Life would be full of friends, fashion, glamour, and adventure.  Amazing.

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