Friday, March 21, 2014

If I lived here...

If I have moved here, I have run away with my mountain man into the forest to escape society for a while.  When I agreed to abandon the world, that didn't include giving up my love of fashion (or the internet).  Bringing all my best duds with me, my man is in for some fancy picnics, tea time, and porch swinging.  Thankfully I was born into royalty, so the inheritance will fund these wild fancies whilst living in the middle of nowhere, cuddling and playing house with my bf.  We will spend the day working in our garden, hiking near by trails, swimming in the closest watering holes, fishing in the river, and making our very own fine wines and beer.  By night time, we will put on some music, build up a bonfire, toast some s'mores, dance under the stars, and cheers to our blessings.  Rainy nights are spent inside with candle light, a good book, homemade stew, and snuggles. Who knows how long this love could keep us hidden from it all, but it sure sounds so sweet.

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