Thursday, March 27, 2014

If I lived here...

If I lived here, my Brooklyn home would be decorated in all white, and my clothes in all black.  Harmonious! I'd be a raw and recycled gem and stone specialist, focusing on jewelry and home accessories.  The blank canvases of my clothes and home make the perfect backdrops for showcasing all my jewels.  I'll travel all over the world hunting for rare and beautiful gems, but home will be my sanctuary.  Apparently my wardrobe will be full of unpronounceable designers that use lots of sheer fabrics and leather.  Oo lala. My husband will be a hunky Wall Street hotshot by day, but by night he and I are master chefs at home...never cooking the same thing twice.  Our weekends will be spent perusing flea and farmers markets, trips to the Hamptons, cooking classes, dance classes, backyard BBQs, and couch cuddling to all of the past weeks recorded trashy TV shows.  Ah picture perfect.

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