Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Starring: Tie Dye

I've probably spent the past 20 years trying to figure out my style.  The problem is that I like all kinds of styles - rock n' roll, preppy, bohemian, sporty, girly, you name it.  My closet is just one big mix of styles, and yes I try my darndest to mash them together whenever possible.  If I could harness the perfect boho-rock-sporty girly gal, then life will be almost complete.

I give you now what I think is my second ode to tie dye.  Tie dye is one of those things I've loved forever and will love always.  It makes an appearance in all style types, so it will be a wardrobe must for my perfect style self.

Ok.. I know the rug is rainbow, the chair is splatter, AND the pillow is dip dyed, but they are such close relatives of tie dye! =)

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