Thursday, April 24, 2014

If I lived here..

If I lived here, in this renovated barn in Colorado, I would own an internet company with my husband. It would be social media based with an importance on dating, drinking, and dining.  (Since this is a real idea of mine (and my bff), that's all of the biz I can divulge for now)  My husband and I would live out here on this monstrous ranch, but the helicopter parked outside takes us anywhere we want to go.  Our weekend excursions would be to the rivers of Montana, lakes of Michigan, hills of Austin, and beaches of Florida. At home, we'd have a garden where we grow our very own herbs and veggies.  Our chef's kitchen will be every cook's dream where we would spend hours crafting new recipes and bottling spreads and jams to sell at local markets.  We will host lots of events for local charities and weddings on our sprawling property.  There will always be something going on at LoneStar Ranch, and all are forever welcome!

My style will be preppy with a trendy flare.  I will sport classic colors and tailored silhouettes - neutrals, greys, navy, brown, pin stripes, plaids, and denim galore.  Collars, pleating, and belting...yes please.

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