Tuesday, April 15, 2014

If I lived here...

For those of you who don't know, my poor little Rusty is very sick.  The doctors don't know how much longer he can make it, so this one is for him...

When I live here in 5 years, this will be my home in Manhattan beach California.  I will have successfully launched my one for one line of basics and undergarments.  My line will be predominately online and in local boutiques, but flying off the racks nonetheless.  Rusty will have decided to get into modeling, finally! After so many years of people telling him how cute he is, he gets discovered by an agent on the street and becomes an instant star in commercials and print.  He will have a huge backyard to play in, and I will have a lagoon pool for myself.  My husband's dog is an adorable white cavapoo, and Rusty is in heaven with his new bff.  I too am in heaven with my model husband who is an incredible pediatrician. Although we spend a lot of time working, we have frequent backyard bbqs, lots of hiking trips, and plenty of lazy porch Sundays.  Since I started infiltrating more feminine and flirty clothes 5 years ago, my wardrobe is now stocked full of dresses and skirts.  My husband prefers my Aviator Nation sweats though...go figure =)

Wishing I could make this life come true! Clicking my heels a bagillion times!

Runway images from style.com

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