Thursday, April 3, 2014

If I lived here...

If I live here, I'm currently living out of a van on a beach in Hawaii with my fellow beach bum babes. This is just my break from life as I search out life's greatest mysteries while riding waves all day and burning bonfires all night.  My van is brightly painted on the outside with all kinds of sprawling flowers and ocean art.  It is parked next to our Babe Bungalow where we cook and hang out on the reg.  We have a conglomerate of palm trees to the other side of the shack where all of our hammocks swing in the wind.  On days that I'm not surfing and relaxing, I'm teaching art at a near by school or having band practice with the girls.  I play the guitar and sing back up vocals, but I am trying to learn to play the harmonica.  It is always fun when the yachts and fishing boats come in to dock - we throw fun parties for the visitors (cough cough guys), but always send them on their way when their time has run out. This babe gang of heartbreakers are like sisters to me - pulling all nighters just to talk about nothing, cooking each other meals, sharing clothes, helping at all times of day, and just being rockstars.  I'll be super bummed when I have to check back into reality, but I'll never forget this true paradise.

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