Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Warranted Wishes

I did a brilliant thing the other day.  I knew it would happen eventually, too.  I threw my keys down the trash chute along with my trash.  I had my dog on one hand, so he and I took a trip down to the dirty trash room.  There we dug for a little bit before I decided some kind of gloves were definitely needed.  The nice custodian lady gave me some giant plastic she doesn't have gloves boggles me, though.  After another 15 minutes of rummaging through garbage, sympathizing with the trash diggers around town, I gave up.  The trash man came about 20 minutes later and all was lost.  

The ONLY bright side I have found is that I will be getting a new keychain.  A keychain can say a lot about a person.  Plus, they gave me my new keys without any kind of holder, so they are floating at the bottom of my purse just asking to be lost again!  

Do I go with something silly and funny like a donut that will constantly make me wish I could eat donuts? (Etsy)
Do I go with my good ole alma matter bottle opener? Having a bottle opener on my last key chain was a great way to talk to guys at parties =) (UT Coop)
Do I go with a kelephant?! (Etsy)
Or do I go with my main squeeze Luke Skywalker's light saber? (Firebox)

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