Thursday, September 18, 2014

Copy That: Stella Jean Spring 15

I am sure I've mentioned this before, but I hate trying to get "pretty".  This idea of getting dressed up and doing my hair and makeup to become prettier is daunting.  I like trying to get more fun!  I feel way more comfortable and happy when I'm wearing my Lite Beer tee and Star Wars vans than when I'm wearing my newest, tightest, shortest dress from wherever.  Then there comes the issue with being 30 and single..... I gotta try to be a little pretty I suppose.   Stella Jean is a newer designer who does not shy from fun, vibrant, colorful, and feminine.  She does a great job of mixing fun and pretty I must say.  Plus, I think she has figured out how to recycle that bridesmaid/prom dress you never wear....

Shall we dare to copy that?!

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