Wednesday, September 24, 2014

If I lived here..

If I lived here, I'd be a curator of antiques and vintage fashion expert.  My expertise would be used for perfecting time period films, staging historic homes, assessing values for auction items, and consulting for vintage clothing and antique stores.  I'd spend much of my time traveling to New York, LA, and around Europe, but my home would be in Colorado. A sucker for the seasons and the outdoors, I couldn't resist the gorgeous mountains and rivers of Colorado.  My husband and I would spend our free time fishing, hiking, bike riding, rafting, working our gardens, and sipping tea in the summers; however, winters would be full of skiing, baking, snuggling, and sipping hot chocolate.  My husband would be a fishing and hunting guide as well as photographer. While I'm on a jaunt to Paris, he's off fishing Salmon in Alaska, but we tag team for photo sessions all over the world. Kids are on the horizon, but life is too much fun and adventure is always around the corner. When I'm not in my fishing, hiking, and outdoorsy gear, I love to dress up for work and events.  My eyes are always pulled towards feminine, flowy, colorful, and fun. Gotta be girly when ya can!  Ok life, you can start whenever you like.

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