Thursday, September 25, 2014

Wedding on a Lime....I Mean Dime

I hope this isn't bad luck! I am not in a relationship, so playing wedding better not curse me or anything.  But, one of my best friends is getting married, and wedding is on le brain.  It got me thinking about how much money a wedding can cost and would it be possible to do a chic wedding for less?  I always had grandiose images of my may never happen wedding, but as I was browsing ASOS recently, I noticed they have some adorable, affordable dresses that would be perfect for a wedding party.  So I accepted the challenge...and along the way fell in love with the color LIME.  The fact that it rhymes with dime was just gosh darn lucky =)

Note: splurging on bride's necklace and her bouquet.  It is a wedding after all!

I think I could come up with some more of these, so if you liked it...let me know! 

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