Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Mix it UP

I have another plan for the heat besides a mystery vest that I have yet to find! BTW my car said it was 97 degrees today....I even wore shorts to work today and felt no remorse.  It was a sauna and I was prepared!  So my plan for you??  Mix up some crazy prints.  You know how it seems like being creative in fashion right now is how you are able to play with proportions and layer like 6 things on you at a time?  Well it's darn hot, and I would prefer to not wear anything other than a swimsuit and definitely no more than 2 pieces of clothing. Why not try and put some prints together?  We do this all the time in our homes....and in scrapbooking...I mean used to do in scrapbooking =).  Why not attempt in our outfits?  Here are some that I put together through my online browsing last week.  It was a little challenging, but I would totally try out all of these.


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