Saturday, July 2, 2011

Utility Vest

It is only gonna get hotter as this dry summer goes on....or maybe I have heat on the brain cuz it is like a furnace in TEXAS! But I must prepare for the upcoming LA heat waves like all good fashion lovers.  This means being able to layer and wear trends whilst not melting away.  The only little solution I have for you now are to incorporate vests.  For me, I really want some great, baggy, boyfriend-style, vests.  Military. Utility. You name it.

If you know me, I am like the cardigan queen.  Since high school, I like to throw on a cardigan...and they probably consume a large portion of my closet.  I am an avid supporter of the cardigan.  Yet if you know it is going to be scalding out, the last thing you want is sleeves.  So, let's gather together and help persuade the fashion designers out there to create more awesome vests.....cuz all the good ones are sold out!

I wish the CLUB MONACO one was still available, and my second choice is the sold out JCrew one.  The Neil Barret is fantastic, but I don't quite have the dough.  The rest consist of all I can find so far....but still not quite the one for me.  Like men.  Only kidding! I am sure he is out there somewhere along with that vest =)

Alas....Until we find our vests, just pile on your most fabulous accessories with your little tank and cut-off shorts.  Accessories are golden during a hot hot summer!

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  1. A trip to the military surplus store with some scissors should do the trick ;)