Friday, July 29, 2011

If I lived here...

If I lived here, I would get up early to watch the sun rise while drinking a homemade cappuccino and nibbling on almond biscotti.  I'd hike, take yoga outside, cliff dive, and sail my big white sailboat at sunset.  My rich neighbors would host lavish wine, cheese, and whiskey parties where we all get dressed up in our best cocktail attire.  I'd design jewelry on the side, but I'd be a full time stylist and interior decorator. I'd have an apartment in Soho NYC for when I am called to work in the city, but I'd prefer to stay in my secluded little home on the cliff with my wonderful loving husband as much as possible baking maple scones and making homemade pasta!

Sounds wonderful.


  1. I love this "If I Lived Here..." segment of your blog! Keep up the good work, Kelly. :)