Friday, July 8, 2011

Petite but Pricey Wishes

First I have to say that I love my bed.  It is so cool and the best deal I have ever found!  This bed below is not to replace her, but it is for my future ranch in my future guest room with windows all around looking on to the lake and wild frolicking deer.  Big dreams over here. Big dreams.

I felt like I had finally found THE black booty (bootie??) - either way, I giggle - and they don't have my size! Shame on them.  And they are the only company who carries it - so come on Sole Struck, find my size por favor.  Dannijo ring - um duh - it's awesomely easy to see the awesomeness.  That sentence reminds me of Because I Said So... oh cheesey chic flicks do make me happy.  And strangely motivated. Major BTW - this ring is on sale at Saks...not at ShopBop.

Back to the topic at hand - love me some vests, like you didn't know ;).  This one is like uber expensive, so just lookey no touchy.  And Rebecca Minkoff can do no wrong.  Except for the part where I have yet to own a Rebecca Minkoff bag.  One day friends.  Big Dreams =)

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