Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Guilty Pleasure Wish List

I can't even count the number of times my friends and family have nicely suggested that I NOT buy something....but what's a girl to do when she is shopping alone?  Well, I don't know about you, but I browse online stores alone and all too frequently.  And there are a number of things that I not so secretly...wish I could purchase, wear, and parade around for all of you to judge.

So confession:  I do own a pair of fake glasses - and by fake, I mean an awesome pair of Paul Smith opticals w/no prescription.  I have tried really hard since I was in 5th grade to be a nerd, but thankfully my sisters rescued me and downgraded me to dork in disguise.  Now I have the glasses to confirm their fears. Sorry big sisters. Thanks for tryin' anyway!  The suspenders and fanny pack are next on my list...mwahahaha.  Now the Sperry's is the preppy southern girl in me always trying to get out, but honestly I have no clue what I would wear these with.  And that is the ONLY thing stopping me from buying these bad boys....for now.   Not to mention I stumbled upon a more hipster friendly pair today from Free People.

American flag denim shorts and Mickey Tee! Need I say more?  Plus I saw a model looking girl flaunting a pair like this, and I did feel like she made it acceptable for me to desire a pair as well....but for my more bubbly derrier.  Last - who doesn't wish they had a $200 spirit hood?! It's just that they are so dad gum expensive for a faux animal on your head.  I mean $50, and I would be tryin' to wear that sucker to work.

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