Tuesday, May 24, 2011

'Tis the Season

Welcome to the late 20s when everyone starts getting married! 'Tis the season to be reminded that I am still single. Ha just kidding.... kind of.  Weddings are so fun and happy, but for the single gal, it can cause a tinge of anxiety.  The simple solution is to look really hot and prepare for the potentially hot and hopefully single dudes also attending these weddings.  Am I right, or am I right? Hence, LOTS of dresses are needed!

I have had a couple of my girlfriends emailing back and forth with me about what to wear to their upcoming weddings.  It can be a daunting task since it is something that will be photographed and plastered all over facebook and will probably steal a few hundred bucks from your pocket.  What I would do is go for something that fits impeccably well, has a fantastic color (I'm really into mints, kelly green (duh), cobalt, and bright pinks and oranges (surprisingly)), and can be versatile.  This means stick to something that doesn't have any bells and whistles and can be layered in ways that make it seem like a completely different dress down the road.  And plllleeease be tasteful and don't try and wear a clubby dress. I will judge you. ;)

I have thrown in some pretty affordable options for those who have weddings like every weekend...I do not envy you....and I will let you in on my favorites and how I'd accessorize or make them a little more fun!  I am really into over-accessorizing these days, so I do lean towards a dress that I can dazzle up.  Also, there are some AMAZING white dresses out there right now because of the "white trend"...so by all means buy and dye if you know how. (FYI: Dyeing works better on off-white versus optic white).  It really is all about fit and how you feel in it!

From top left:  Thayer, MM Couture by Miss Me ($88), Zara ($99), ECI, Antik Batik

You could do a ton with that $88 dollar MM Couture by Miss Me dress.  Throw on a belt and a jacket...it is asking for color and fun accessories.  Not red though....don't be mini mouse.  I made that mistake once!  The Thayer and ECI dresses also seem to be screaming for a belt.  So by all means.  My favorite is probably the Zara dress because the print is fantastic, but I am really curious about that Antik Batik dress.  I'd wear the Zara dress with a tailored blazer - either cream or a soft navy.  The Antik Batik just needs some chunky shoes - and is ideal for a beachy destination type wedding.

I honestly hate wearing one shoulder dresses, so that is probably why I envy people who can pull them off!  My favorite of those is the ASOS one, but whoever picks the hot pink one would really stand out.  It could be on the "too tight" side, so try and see how it fits!  I have wanted the BCBG halter for a few months now...so I may just get that one for myself this wedding season.  Throw on a chunky necklace and big cocktail ring, and I am game!  Seriously can't believe that BB Dakota dress is only $61.  Not just a steal..it is a great color and looks well proportioned.  Let me know if you get it!

Phew. I think that is the most I have rambled on!   I have a feeling that weddings only increase from now on...so good luck out there and have a wonderful day! Peace friends.

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