Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Market and Madewell

Sad to be back from a nice loooong weekend! But I did finally go shopping! Hallelujah.  ....Well, if you count the flea market and only spending $20...bam.  Little proud of myself =). I got a rad necklace ($15) and bracelet ($5) from the Fairfax Flea Market.  If you have never been to this, you really need to go.  They have furniture, jewelry, art, clothes, and some of the most random things.  Never turning my celebrity radar off, I almost always spot someone famous there.  So check it out - sporting the new necklace today! It is a bullet casing with an amethyst stone.
Alas, now it is back to the oficina, and look what I found this AM -
my faves from the new Madewell lookbook!

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