Thursday, May 19, 2011

Wish Listing

I have been wanting an equipment shirt for a while now, and I love this floral one for spring/summer!  With some holey jeans and wedges, I'd be set.  I stole this pic of a Phillip Lim jacket from my new love The Man Repeller.  I can't find it anywhere, and I so want it. right now. on my person. whilst typing...

Curious about the comfort level of the Miu Miu soes, but aren't they just adorable?! Oh yeah. The price is probably scary too.  I can only dream about that iPad case....Valentino!!...yeah that price is prob a little frightful as well.  But I will own that Free People bra/toplet soon....I think Tam has the same copying you my fashionable friend =)

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