Monday, May 23, 2011

Wishy wishes

I made a big to do about being forced to go shopping in Htown...however,  I was so busy with family time, that it never happened! Shocking!! No really.  If you know me, the fact that I never stepped foot in the Houston Galleria or High Gloss is utterly SHOCKING.

Well, don't fret friends.  I dream in fashion.  Actually this is quite true and one of the reasons I went to fashion school.  I tend to imagine clothes that don't exist when I go to sleep - especially after a day of shopping.  Since I have refrained from purchasing ANY article for my person for almost 3 weeks (I think), I can't help but dream up all these outfits that I wish I could wake up and wear.  Online shopping at SHOPBOP, REVOLVE, and ZARA have inspired me, and here are 2 outfits I'd certainly like to own!

 (These are photoshopped images and not necessarily exemplary of the way the garments will actually drape)

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