Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Man Repeller

I seriously don't know what rock I have been living under and how I missed this girl! I have been searching for a funny, smiling, and honest fashion blogger for a while now - and she is a breath of fresh air.  I was cracking up instantly and her definitition of her fashion is so dead on and hilarious.  Please check out The Man Repeller!!!.  I honestly have this fashion struggle quite frequently - "to wear what I want (aka man repel) or attempt to look hot"?  Isn't that always the question?....though I prefer to man repel....or maybe I just man repel anyway ;)

I borrowed a few pics from her site - but the best is her commentary! I am totally inspired...and envious...and in love =)
I would die for these shoes btw.  Ok. not die.  I would...ummm...love you forever?  

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