Friday, May 20, 2011

Wishful thinking...

I am trying to quit shopping.  haha no.  just kidding.  I couldn't even fake that for a second.  But I am trying to be better about spending, and thus my wish lists are getting a lot larger because I am not allowing myself to buy anything! And of course, like all addictions, I am wanting to go shopping so badly.  Not to mention that I am heading to Texas this morning, and I am positive someone in my family is going to FORCE me to go shopping.  Oh how, Oh how will I ever resist!?! Ok......I will be the one forcing.  I probably even shopping as your read this!  I mean vacations are always the perfect excuse....and i am sure I absolutely NEEEED something.  right?

Well, for the moment, I am must dream away.  Come on folks and dream with me!

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